Solar-powered, Sunlight-driven


automated control

for waking and privacy

Ambi-blinds are automated window blinds that close and open according to sunlight and time of day.

The motivation for designing these blinds was two-fold: firstly, proper exposure to sunlight helps regulate one's circadian rhythm. Ambi-blinds will open up to allow sunlight indoors from sunrise, allowing one to wake naturally with the sun's rays.

Second, Ambi-blinds will close shut when the sun sets, for privacy.

Ambi-blinds are driven with an electric servomotor, using a custom-built circuit with an ambient light sensor.

They are powered by solar battery, and as such do not need to be plugged into an outlet.

Ambi-blinds Animation


Ambi-blinds were created as a final project for MAS 863.13. PCB was designed in EAGLE and fabbed using a Roland Modela MDX-15 from a copper plate.

The circuit is powered by a 5V solar-powered battery. The software runs Arduino customized for the ATTINY84 micro-controller.

Go to the How To Make page to read about the making of Ambi-blinds.